Mash-Up/Experimental Writing (2019 continued)

I put my own memories into a machine, while raising formations of a turtle shell with spikes on it . . I’m on discount . . Pound for pound, ounce for ounce.

Meat is a product of spirit . . Thus, traces remain . . Channels manifest here and there, more often than not . . Found though not always evident . . Hung-up in a temporary closet (which could be any of them) . . Hangers upside down . . Spilling hangers onto the road.

Vacuum cleaners of both dust and might . . A vacuous resource of reasoning . . Remember how the decades go . . Right through your gray pit . . Keep yourself cooked. Produce peace . . All involved with space in an ultra-conscious step-by-step zone.

In a fog, a mysterious mist . . A hazy daze . . A fish swims in water . . A chameleon turns to the light for a while. Dark pathologies will yield an inversion . . Though, those might not be the ways to go . . God, Buddha, Light with a tension . . Skin and bones. Hooks in. Brand seared. First cause, second effect. Get out from the pollution and get into the solution!

Object at hand . . Milk for the bag people. Pipes surround devilish silence . . Hounding feline vibrations. Magnetic springs magnify multiplicity . . From temporary abodes. Registration requirements lifted . . Departed from fine points. Flash for birds of prey . . War and peace, racing daisies. Toward or away from a seamless effort.

Contagion vacation of pie repetitions . . Scores of rocky skin and calming breaths . . I can only think of it sometimes . . Like the involuntary conquest of the Earth. Simple subtlety . . Craft erosion . . God is going to pet you now . . United in a divided self.

Take a look at the Jurassic Sun . . As if you were the first and only one. Moving down the freeway, nothing really to say . . My consciousness is the product of a revolutionary affair . . Sincerely.

Ready or not, your dreams are going to find you . . Like a swinging pig put on the body of a mile . . Reappearing hands . . Holy Mind split . . Converging divergently.

Spirits spit . . Splatter spawning sperm and space. Quickly abandon feelings of familiarity with what is familiar.

Reincarnation . . Fire within . . Sunlight. Moonlight.

Souls, new and old . . Swimming together near the core of the sun . .

Gunpowder blank bang for mortality . . Light brings illusion, clarity, time and confusion. Darkness, original peace which wavers calmly in the background . . Surrounding the light.

Shadows are not darkness . . Semblance repleaded shiftily . . Dot, dot, dot . .

Displacement of water when a body enters . . Displacement of metaphysical form when a body enters . . Haunting reminders of space in general . . Thought is a force akin to fire or water.

A chapel built of peep-holes . . For the purposes and novelty of essential waters . . Flowing babbling, disturbing, forging sustenance through inversions of purposelessness . . Which weather pattern gives yield?

Traces convergent for triangular sight . . Seeing, watching . . Observance of the meandering day . . Highlights of The Give and The Take . . Gone neutral on the apartment ghost . . Contingencies exposed . . “Our psyche is a part of nature and its enigma is as limitless.” – Jung.

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