Axle Rod (X-Factor)

No man is an island and every man is an island. Periodicity, multiplicity, synchronicity . . Rotisserie? Hyphenated dream fever . . Roll my etheric bones. The similarities and differences that unify a clock tower and a big toe. Several and many of each. People in glue. For you AND your big hard red face. […]

Lilly Legs

Lilly put a lilly hammer. Lilly put a yellow foot. Lilly runs backwards through erasure. Lilly gets frantic with the cook. Lilly licks her lips in reverse. Lilly finds a flower in the sand. Lilly follows the flow of forever. Lilly finds a flower in her hand. Lilly bends the starlight with a matchbook. Lilly […]

Charred Charms, Arm Chair Stare

Sheep overview on par with cheap birds chirping. Dream arm not replaced nor removed. People that look like animals and animals that resemble people. In the eyes it is found. Interactive waking and waning vacancy. Simultaneously quantified. Remembrance incorporated automatically. Pasta hips popping nameless numbers. Blame forged carriages of exploding heads. The weather is a […]


Words that are worth their membranes. Holy Piss. Subatomic cranium. Tongue is in a rat wing . . Racing decimals . . Rabbit works for jerks and squirts. For a thing, to thunder in a line. It is like an arrow for psychic plants and flowers. Mortality swing! Logic strikes through the eye moving . […]