Lilly Legs

Lilly put a lilly hammer.
Lilly put a yellow foot.
Lilly runs backwards through erasure.
Lilly gets frantic with the cook.

Lilly licks her lips in reverse.
Lilly finds a flower in the sand.

Lilly follows the flow of forever.
Lilly finds a flower in her hand.

Lilly bends the starlight with a matchbook.
Lilly lets her revenge off the hook.

Lilly swallows down some pavement.
Lilly capsizes in a book.

Lilly transforms into ether.
Lilly lands a soft sound.

Lilly toasts to her own riches.
Lilly sets fire to her gown.

Lilly hides beneath the table.
Lilly coughs and winks in a museum.

Lilly catches the smell of some water.
Lilly simultaneously disappears into the sky and ground.