General Perspective

Here lies a continuation of an occurrence that has no real beginning and no real end. It is indicative as part and parcel of the All in All. It seeks to unify in thought and in action the mind beyond the mind within the mind inside of the mind. It seeks to reveal recursivity and the illusion that persists to control and plunder the experience of innocence and that of deep harmony of natural time and the celestial seasons.

If there is a True Self . . A self that is able to be understood, known and experienced . . If such a thing does indeed exist, it has one name. The name is enmeshed in all varieties of personhood and general human characteristic. It is deduced from general bias and proclivity of nature. The name is . . Temporality-Non-Sense-East

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Please navigate through the site and come back often. I do have paintings and art for sale. I have poetry for you to read. I think that the main purpose for this site is to log, keep and show poetry and photography. If you have any questions, suggestions or whatever . . Please contact me. I certainly will respond promptly. “Thank You” for stopping by. (For some reason that I have not figured out, some images come in sideways. Until I have the opportunity to correct the errors, you will see those mistakes. Either view sideways or “Please excuse the mess”, as is said.)

Sugar is THE “gateway drug”. It is addictive and potentially ruinous. Sugar addiction is EXTREMELY problematic in modern society and within the unfortunate effects and consequences of popular culture.

Variation. Line. Order.

You are an office of Light. Placed into a thin ribbon as a sword.

Eternity is a knock-knock joke! Who is there?

I want to crawl inside of your head. I want to sit down by the fire. I want to say a few things to you. I want to watch what you do to turn me into a liar.