Charred Charms, Arm Chair Stare

Sheep overview on par with cheap birds chirping. Dream arm not replaced nor removed. People that look like animals and animals that resemble people. In the eyes it is found. Interactive waking and waning vacancy. Simultaneously quantified. Remembrance incorporated automatically. Pasta hips popping nameless numbers. Blame forged carriages of exploding heads.

The weather is a baby with it’s hand in the garden. A rose clenched fist . . A hammer in the air.
Torch bow rung.
After tomorrow already . . Dancing in the sun.
Ocean patterned travel.
Simple requirements detained, harvested.
1) Pass the goat’s milk.
2) Open chasm on strength repetition.
3) Share old stories qualified as such.
4) Elevate the importance of awareness as something totally different than thought.
5) Don’t try to not think about it.
6) Flow like the Ganges mirroring the Mississippi in reverse.