Something Something Something, The Ancient of Days

Wise men who are a part of EVERYTHING!!
Vacant lots connecting dots . . Nothing is supposed to have happened. No part of anything.
Due course for the scheduled bottom.

Sun blind monkeys . . Dialed up.
Zip set roar broom used.

Smoking a chicken foot with his mouth . . Milky eye . .
His fat body is a thin body . .
Kind of a potbellied personality, really.
Something has to fight against the maggots . . Damn it.

Hydro hiding in plain sight . . Harpoon hanging from horse side whale tongue . .
The body is ripped. Torn. Thrown asunder.
Circumspect field having narrowed. Eyes always lying.
Silver arrows pierce cord-like structures . . Black blood pours . . Screaming angles of emotion . .
Shattered tension mirroring expulsion.

Sandwiches of opportunity aim ceaselessly for the potbelly.
Butterflies nibble at the eyelids . . Intending for no resets via blinks.
The creature, then chewing on multiple examples of endangered species . . Takes a deep breath and disappears into any one of a series of seven stick figure drawings, each depicting a forgotten classical deity.
A built-in guarantee describes how the creature may or may not manifest through whichever of the seven might or might not be chosen. Leaning on a post . . An eternity is born in successive urges to urinate.