Who Owl Bow-Tie

Now. What a farce! What a distorted potential! What an impervious camouflage!
Now. Now, right now or now when you read or hear it? Now in the way that you see it or as close as you can get to the way that another can view it? Now this very constant instant or now in a window of sequential instants around a specific sign or signal?
How close can you get to now and still have it considered as being the same now? Can you even be close to or removed from a moment?
How now brown cow? How now? Now how?
How does now even stop? Can now even really begin? Can now be missed in error?
Minced or chopped finely. Ominous. Persistent. Terrible and fun. Now exclusively across all fathomable and unfathomable ages and epochs. Simultaneously? Separately? Neither? Both? Both neither and both? Neither both and neither? An organ grinder?

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