Coils (04/04/2014)

Before the bugs arrive ..

Conscious of the risk of interpretation ..

I’ve got to let the feelings go ..

Those that are just one vibration ..

Off into the night ..

Never so slightly quick ..

To return.

Fast forward to backwards on call ..

Tomorrow in the evening ..

Roller skating through the mall ..

Falling emptily through them all ..

Casting webs up to the moon ..

Knowing that their lines will get here soon.

Waiting, waiting so forever patiently ..

Grazing, grazing on with the ugly animals

that are so silly to be loved ..

Wrangling a chimera

that wanted to escape it’s own charm ..

Formulating tattoos ..

Up and down the arm ..

With a faint tickle

to appreciate my self with ..

Knocks and drums on cursed organs.

Pumping music with the muscles of the mind ..

Projecting them into a heart

I can find ..

Boiling a fuse over and over again ..

Turning an enemy into a friend ..

Until the end ..

Always always never and always again ..

Until the next time ..

I find that empty shell

With muddy water ..

Until the nesting time ..

Through the window

to my daughter ..

Until The Green Man

slaughters the thought.

Better learned than never taught ..

Better to give than to receive ..

Better receive than to give ..

Better for it to die than to live ..

Better for it to live rather than to die ..

Better to switch than to save ..

Better to replace than to make permanent ..

Better to factualize and formulate.

How to revive instead of survive ..

How to keep alive ..

How to mutate the face ..

How to turn the water off ..

How to use the ground ..

How to follow

the subterranean Extra terrestrial sounds ..

Of not being what you are ..

Of not being what you are not ..

And simultaneously and in congruent conjunction

being what you are!

Ever stronger still ..

Until the wind of the wind

Blows You Out or In!

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