Idiocy (05/26/2014)

In the East we have a Beast ..

In the South we have a Mouth ..

In the West we have Sex ..

In the North we have the Fourth.

In the Center we have an Illusion ..

In the Center we have an Allusion ..

In the Center we have a Spark ..

In the Middle we have a Park.

Of the Course we have multiple fronts ..

Of the Fronts we have many winds ..

Of the Work we have many grunts ..

Of the Change we have much time ..

Of the Time we have short hands ..

Of the Past we have a stair-well ..

Of the View we have a grip ..

Of the Grip we have a lubricant ..

Of the Lubricant we have a slip ..

Of the slip we have Common Ground.

Traffic .. Plaster-cast .. Arms .. Erased .. Places .. Remembered .. Faces .. Embraced.

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