Cheetah-print Rocket-ship (with a chocolate lid)

5 is alive and 6 is on the sticks.

Each movement is inherently and naturally in accord with general momentum or The Grand Perpetual Motion.

Martian crap.

Mystification boils down to Use versus Abuse.

A “psychic medium” is more about the appearance of a Transcendental Object, more so than it is about a human-being.

Though, a “Human-being” might actually be Required to experience the flux of Phenomena.

Attractors in the Shadows – Butterflies in the meadow ..

Which way does the wind blow?

No one really knows!

Call to your Self .. Find out for sure .. For a little while, anyway.

Rejoin the slop. Reign supreme. In a vibrant Dream.

One must consider that their own attitude could definitely be the cause for many problems “found”.

One must realize that their own judgement could be cause for confusion.

So, what are you?

A monkey or a man?

(A constant tendency to harken back, so as to relate most current experience with something “known” to be familiar.)

Spokes spoken. Windows unbroken.

Walking air of errors. A perception of privilege. Beyond knowing.

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