The Death Card

I feel like . .
If death presents the notion of . . An ultimate end . .
Then an inherent message ‘given’ to that point is that separation is a vital source of novelty in this life.
How can I separate from my thoughts? From my memory? From my ego? From my conditioning? From my worry? From my struggle? From my suffering?
I am not saying that thought and memory are negative or undesirable . . I am saying that it seems novel to separate. To seek a higher order that is separate and apart from knowledge, conditioning, expectation (J. Krishnamurti) . . A higher order and eternal resource that has exemplified an ultimate occurrence.
Nature has an obvious tendency toward accumulation and repetition. Is there a message contained therein that suggests that I move ever closer to my ultimate departure by perpetually dissecting and directing the essence of that motive?
I dunno. It seems obvious at this point. Every recognizable movement of the progression of life is an action of separation in effect. A separation of this into that or of one series of moments into the acknowledgement of another (person, place or thing). Spiritual unity is possible only in a conscious arrangement of disintegrating (bifurcating or schismatic) constant flux toward the enjoyment of breath, beauty, darkness and light ending in (or beginning with) biological mortal death.
Narcissus was turned into a flower.
Nam Myho Renge Kyo.