Storage in the ground. Storage in the clouds. Stowed away in sound. Ghost man on the pitcher’s mound.

Skin tickled with gentle breeze . . Warped with the wasps . . Tunnels, funnels and pores . .
Follicles, stingers, wings and grins . .
Shut your eyes and let the antennae leak light in . .
Dropping things for the win.
Sandwiches (turns) gone elastic . . Smearing mud on drifting rock faces . . Gas and geese pacing break markers on swift motion . . Devotion to movement . . Calm and then doom based tunes before the idiots feel happy again. Love love love . . Love the fear of the Reaper. Harvest none. Harvest one. Harvest all. Harvest down the hardest hall. Seasons note. Bags for animals. Bags a plenty. Ramshackled freckles . . Under-water freight trains . . Microscopic sub brains . . Skin in the game . . Teaching teeth to . . Behave!