Magick Fabric and Holes

Full babies in bloom . . They are going to eat-up our luck and our cancer combined.
There is a bountiful creation . . Of substance between meaning and meaninglessness . . Noting how perception fluctuates between expansion and contraction . . A glowing red disc appears between two spiraling horns . . Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini.
The disc turns white and becomes an eye. Space transforms to appear full and/or empty, simultaneously.
A dog wags it’s tail as a thred of a spider’s web is pulled. The guitars bow and the drums succumb to a sink hole while walking home.
There is no second guessing . . There is no going back . . Though chance is ever present . . Change is happening in the black.
Who is first to see? Who is first to know? Who is first to die? Who is the last to go?