Columbus Day Wheel of Fortune Rotation Surprise Insert Framed Salvific Event (Preservation of Reserved Attention: Expedient to Surfaced Motives Requiring Mobilization)

Information, rotation . . How to reinvent the wheel while it reinvents itself through you and facilitated addiction to entertainment . .
Definitely consistently re-define: Definition, Information and Entertainment.
Spokes spoken from a mostly indecipherable stream emanating from a vital core toward the outer edges of being . . Straight from the junction of heart versus brain activity . .
Helmsman, crew and captain, ad infinitum . . All interchangeable and interpenetrable . . The moving pictures, the moving words, the moving eye moving itself . .
Let the buyer beware . . Steer with fear to ease and manipulation resources to encode . . For the souls and for their shows.
Am I captive or am I captivated?