It Is Okay To Nurse The Baby and Please Do Not Feed The Seagulls

“That little baby has fat feet” she said. “Not chubby or husky or whatever. I mean, FAT FEET!” . . I guess that I understand where she is coming from. Her son had been born without feet and I suppose that fact can make her extra critical of baby’s feet, in general. The feet look fine to me. Maybe a bit pudgy but I think that is referred to as “baby fat”. Something that is supposed to melt away as vital duration continues on.
What concerns me most about the baby is not the feet. It’s feet are fine! But the green skin and glowing bright red eyes do concern me in a way. I am dreaming right now but I’m also glad that the little pudgy green baby with glowing red eyes does not have teeth. Not even a single shred of a sign of one single coming tooth! All gums in there. Neon orange gums but GUMS. Just the way it should be.