Hero Hearts For Sale or Hugging Trees Swarm Crashing (hanging out in potato crypts)

It took a reverse blessing four mall darts from nipple arcades to salvage just one seaweed birdsong . . After enough of plenty unfed, you might try to believe. You might try to take it all! If the wing-span of time grants validity . . And . . If lover’s roofs don’t cave outward . . Behold the summons at night! Release the veil at twenty-dollars o’clock refined tongues! Over sporadic signals. Through bending frames . . Narrow ocean glimpse . . Speed-track window veins . . Slow-dive icy blue heaven.
Sex and three quarters . . Through a lack of blinding colors . . Screwed to the wall . . Sucking each other’s pants . . Away from delicate wraps . . Toward fuming crustaceans . .
Severed paranoid gaps in tender action . . Legalese in noir fashion.