Diurnal Bio-Cavity (02/16/2014)

I think that I am dead. The ultimate Big Brother . . Dream Time . . Has suggested that I might now be both dead and alive . . The ultimate Big Brother . . The goal of the internet . . The dream of the dream . . The Internet . . Such an old fashioned name . . Like stupidity in the future . . Onward with the Dream . . Onward with Evolution . . Onward with the Beauty of Creation!

One particular couple . . One particular pair of people . . One male and the other female . . One always appears dead and playful with that fact . . The other . . Always appears vital, saddened by the news of the fact of being dead . . But . . What is sadness? What is the relevant available point of relativity about that perceived fact? What is the depth of the appearance as it becomes more or less of a reality to the kindred consciousnesses?

Happiness is accord and action with how things are being made to have happen while they are happening . . Or something like that.

Sadness . . What is that? Is that empathy with the larger percentages of the Universe? Is that something which is mysterious and non-existent but more than highly pertinent? We all know that emotions are telepathy in action . . But how convincing can an illusion become as reality? How sad is happiness? How happy is the sadness? How many shades of blue are actually Gray? How long does it take for the noise to become beautiful? How long does the previous duration take action on effect? How long does how long really even matter? Odd? Wonderful. Not odd? Ask again tomorrow.