Appetite Spells Rapture In Reverse

Memories depart and coalesce from common and uncommon vortices wrestled up through happening foundations blown in like leaves from the four corners of unfathomable waking mind . . Seared like bubbles in spit and sea-foam alike . . Branded by literal accidents in the flow of culture . . Only to make it to a source for a resounding welcomed refusal.
Tangential stripes and streaming strikes finding fortunes on event-horizons wrapped in enigmas and questions begging for minor assets of research and groping probes into and from similarity pardoned by difference.
Each sequential sound of belly-buttons popping in the frying pan of definition . . Sizzling snakes of digested query.
All doors open. All doors shut. All frames of reference shifting through an hour-glass figure eight fugue adolescence of language deciding mostly naturally to vacate nautilus skin dives to dog -faced April umbrella showers . . Bathing fadingly in waning after-glow . . Kicking the drums and spinning ashes to covered streams of light . .
Barriers to milk. Barriers to honey. Wheels within wheels within wheels swallowing shields for mercy and insight. Flying pigs hunting truffles in the sky. Who, what, when, where and why? Asks an abominable bear sent along the river in a basket.
Fascist caskets launching gaskets from near and far. Antique cars teleported back to cave-men foot races . . Just to see if they can figure it out.